Motivational Poem About Life And Success

" O Life! Part - 2"



O life!  During the trip we were told that some people are well aware of Tara, so they saw his big board and banner and reached out to him for advice.  Furthermore, seeing the sheer number of her counselors, we felt that this was the right person to tell us the truth about you.  After meeting him, he realized that he was not really knowledgeable but pretended to be knowledgeable.  We were taught to pretend to be like him.  One day all of a sudden they were gone.  We were relieved that they were leaving us a map of what we had inherited.  According to his map, the entire journey continued on the same road.  When we finally arrived, we realized that we did not have to go there.  Awado big betrayal?  So the people we thought were knowledgeable were under the illusion that we caught this knower in our delusion?


O life!  Before or after the mango?  Before the hen or the egg?  Did God create man or did man create God?  The whole journey was over in finding it.  The car ran out of petrol and the car was about to stop. You said where is the need to find it?  So, aren't you ashamed to tell me last?  If I had been told in advance, the tanker would have been looking for another place!  Who creates the 'madness' in me to find something?  I have the illusion that I am searching.  O life!  Even though you know all the discoveries, why do we have such useless labor?


O life!  Even after staying down, if I remain conscious, what will happen to you?  Does work make you obsessed with us again?  Are you afraid that your pole will be known to the world?  O life!  Your infinity was seen while sitting in the plane above.  Seeing from above, all the forms of Tara were seen below.  Seen from above, the temple, mosque and church appear together.  Looking at it from above, one understands what is needed.  Where is the need to give a different name to a bar made of clay?  Here, then, is nothing to contend with.  The longer I stay up, the more I realize the difference between meaningful and meaningless actions.  But, as I come down and the label of my name starts and my memory disappears.  Back then, I was lost in a world of illusions.


O life!  One day all of a sudden I dripped.  Everything around was decided I also had to decide what to do.  A whirlwind arose in the calm lake.  Where to drip, whose to drip there and when to drip ... everything was decided.  One day all of a sudden I will drip from here, when will I drip, where will I drip from and how will I drip ... everything is decided by you.  At that time, the people around me also have to decide what to do.  So, in the meantime, we really have something to decide, right?  O life!  Any special reason to create such a big gap between what I do and what I want to do?  If you have to keep eating then why do you give me an understanding of what I should do?  Do you get what you want by not being able to do it?


Motivational Poem About Life And Success


Hejindagi!  What is not to be seen in the whole journey, no memory of what has been seen in the past, then why so much attachment for such unknown mysteries?  Teach us to live in the present, rather than wasting time for what we do not know, what we do not know.  Why make the present imaginary by creating a folder of ideas in the mind, creating the future of ideas?  O life!  What is your purpose behind this?


O life!  What I used to believe came out of my delusion when I got out of this inside of me.  This body, which I have always believed in, finally came out of a cage made of physical chemistry!  So who is driving this?  If the body does not know O. who is the one to inform it?  Does pain happen to the body or does it happen to me?  If the body does not know, then who is in pain?  What he experiences is not his own physical existence.  So how can one who exists even experience pain?  Tasting different tastes throughout the journey, I finally realized that the taster is not what I consider to be the taster, then I had to tell you in advance that both the taster and the taster would have stopped tasting something different!


O life!  I become frantic when I feel dizzy.  Where does this self come from?  Today you tell me the truth that I really see the dream or you see the dream?  Today, let’s get to the bottom of it, even though I’ve been turned into different concepts so far.  Also, you have to give me the right idea today!  You must tell me the truth before my dream is fulfilled or your dream is fulfilled.  Who really is in whose dream!


O life!  One day suddenly someone started a different game on this earth.  He drew a line and so much area became his.  Then, he kept going but kept telling others to save the line.  So who made the line?  Why is the line so important?  Who taught the line?  Who will delete the line?  When?  Also, Janarto used to play by drawing a line but today I still believe it to be a fact.  O life!  If we are taught to play the game, then we also play.  Some idiots are fighting because of your game, just for that line!



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