Motivational Poem About Life And Success

" O Life! Part - 3"


      "  Every one who comes to earth is born with mysteries, finds new mysteries in the quest to solve mysteries and bids farewell with the mysteries.  How can I be different from this alone?"


   " I know I didn't come here of my own free will, and I know I'm not going of my own free will, but whatever happens between these two periods, I do of my own free will."


  "  O life!  If You Made Me, Who Made You?  What do you believe and never understand who you are?  If you are in such an illusion, one day I will get rid of it.  There is no need to settle down after knowing you!"


"    O life!  I have come to understand that where is the true happiness?  Even if you play me in the past and in the future, now I will enjoy every moment of the present and show you that I also know how to live.  I know, you might laugh at me, but I don't care.  Because in the end, 'I' is nothing."


   " O life!  There was nothing like a struggle in what I considered a struggle.  It is nothing more than moving from one place to another and the time it takes.  Some people called physical labor a struggle, some called the time it takes to build one's comfort a struggle, some called it a struggle when no one asked for help ... Everyone's definition of struggle became different ... Then we took the whole journey in the name of struggle.  What about finishing?  Giving such false maps to others also made my life meaningful, but that was just my illusion.  So what's the point?  So there's really nothing like conflict, right?  O life!  What is the point of making us unconscious by creating a flood of such false words and keeping them intoxicated?"


  "  O life!  Some "madmen" continued to consider themselves "wise" and some of them went on to raise mobs.  Some lunatics understood that I was running the world, while some sages remained silent and began to prove that they were different from others.  The "madmen" began to spend time fighting.  The sages ”spent time explaining to him.  Finally life!  You kept laughing, because you knew there was no difference between the two.  So is spending time like this the same life?"

Motivational Poem About Life And Success


   " O life!  Today I realized that my spoken words are just a warm air, which I named language.  Why does this hot air determine my happiness and unhappiness?  Can't I decide for myself?  The magic of words and language led us into great confusion.  Called intellectuals in a world of word games.  But the fact is that you know very well that what they know is really information, isn't it?  One day the words we made in the game are playing us today.  Isn't it somewhere that the whole game is yours and we get the wrong credit in it and spend time in the ham of being wise all our lives?  What is happening to me with words?  What is the trembling in my heart?  Does the pain or happiness that befall me really exist?  The happiness, peace, joy, excitement, sorrow, pain, pain that I go through exists in my real life, right?"


   " O life!  One day all of a sudden I came and one day all of a sudden I will be gone.  One day all of a sudden something happened to me and one day all of a sudden I had something gone.  So what's the difference?  I have an illusion that I have something and that something that is going away from me is also an illusion.  So why mourn the loss of me?  Why am i crying  Isn't it somewhere and my crying is also a kind of illusion?  O life!  Why do you make me so anxious and restless for the moment between being and not having something?"


   " O life!  Every birthday I celebrate enthusiastically.  People also greet me, but my life is increasing or decreasing. Looking back on each birthday, a year passes as if only one night has passed.  O life!  If my life is spent in Palkara for me, is it possible to do anything in this Palkara?  Why all the fuss for Swapra?  What is happening is that it is not really a race!  Maybe it's not that Doddham is also a dream!"


   " O life!  The body is a compound made up of physical chemicals.  So who am I to run.  If I love delicious things, do I value the body?  If the body does not know and the urge to eat falls on the person running the body, why insist on the test?  Why is the magic of the material world for those who do not exist in the material world?  Somewhere it is not that the one who runs the body does not even exist!  O life!  The reason for such a big secret?  What is your fear of human beings that you have made life a mystery?"


  "  O life!  Is there any happiness except sense happiness?  Is happiness a state of mind that is our ham?  What a pleasure it is to be lost for a few moments.  So where is the constant happiness that my mind constantly yearns for?  Is there such a thing as constant?  Some Realization and Going Through It Is this called happiness?"


   " O life!  I suddenly had to come and play different characters.  The skeet of each of my characters kept changing over time.  Sometimes I would change the script, sometimes it would feel like I was reading someone's written script!  Sometimes it seems that I am speaking, sometimes it seems that my speaking is just an excuse.  Still, the fun came.  Which is why at the moment I don’t understand what I’m doing I later realize what’s right and what’s wrong.  But then time is running out.  O life!  So why report later?  Why don't you inform me already?"

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