Motivational Poem About Life And Success

" O Life! "


" O life! A tree was cut down to make a paste. From this dough the PC was made into a piece of paper. I wasted my whole life for this piece of paper. If you wanted to be happy, why did you invent such a piece of paper? Plus, the colorful coins on top of it put me on the market playing games, yet, liking these pieces, not coming out of them, is such a big conspiracy. Is there no other way I can understand happiness? O life! Why do I have to pay such a high price for these pieces of paper? "


" O life! I am learning but my learning is just an illusion. As if circumstances create and I keep learning. Sometimes I wonder what I have to do after learning. But the fun comes in the process of learning, and that's why I don't feel like stopping. What I learn ultimately drives my body and my ego, so is there any point in learning? Which is what I mean. That really makes sense, right? O life! Why are you so confused? "

Motivational Quotes About Life And Success


" O life! I really have to decide where to go or you decide? I don't understand that yet. The illusion that I am choosing myself is constantly obsessed with me, but in fact you are the one who takes me where you want me to go. Along the way, thousands of people come to my aid in various forms, whether they are drivers, waiters, or vendors. Looking at them in my system, it seems certain that I really don't decide. They know what everyone is doing but do they really know? O life! Why do you deceive us so much? "

" Hey life with every character that comes in life and those characters! Nato do you decide that I decide? Is it my choice or yours to be born in this house? One out of millions of people suddenly comes and becomes a fellow of this long cult of mine. Did I really like this fellow who manipulated him. I keep believing that I have made a choice and you are proud of your driving with a smile. O life! I have a question. I asked for the longest sathwara but why did these sathwaras get so rough? Suddenly two other small lives came to our house. We are giving something, in fact they are giving it to us. There is not the slightest hint of who is giving what to whom. O life! Do you enjoy playing this game of giving and taking? "

" O life! I love someone and someone loves me, but what we do is really love, right? All my life I have been understanding and doing love and finally realized that it was not love? What I understood to be love was not love but a kind of need of mine. I felt like the person in front of me was in love but it was also a need of the person in front of me. So, there is such a thing as love, right? Do you enjoy spending our whole lives in the superstition of love? Throughout the voyage, you don't let the oscillating boat of emotions know that the ocean we swim on is the ocean of love itself. O life! So let us know in advance so we can jump to the shore for love! "

" O life! Half of my journey was spent learning. What I considered to be punishment also became my delusion. Your poll has finally opened. You are confusing me in the name of punishment. What if you showed us on our initial journey? You have gone so far as to get off at the final station and announce out loud that the punishment you received was just enough to pay the hotel bill on the way. Also, hey life! Why don't you give us the right punishment already? Why bother us by explaining the final station? "

" O life! Throughout the journey the train kept changing, the station kept changing, the hotel kept changing. People around me watched in amazement. They called such a change a success. Don't you feel ashamed of wasting my whole time making my definition of success so trivial? Calling it not only success but also success made me intoxicated during the whole journey. I kept giving success lectures and you kept smiling at me. O life! What kind of happiness do you find in wasting someone's time? Let us know in advance what true success is. "


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